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Published Aug 27, 22
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But unlike Evo, it’s integral that you find ways to guide people through the funnel—such as email marketing or social. This isn’t anything new. What’s interesting and integral, though, is how you pick those top-funnel terms. The topic selection decision tree looks something like this: Distilled, this means we are searching for topics we think have an outreach market, especially at the top of the funnel.

Since not every topic is inherently linkable, there’s some finesse to selecting the right concept. If we can generate links to something top of funnel, not only do we benefit from getting that page to rank, but we also boost the other bottom-funnel pages. This creates an outcome comparable to t, Evo’s above.

Of course, we are always thinking about the cost, value and likelihood when we create content in a vertical. It is almost always the case that the low competition content, although lower benefit, also doesn’t need the same content quality the high competition terms do, so we can sometimes capture more benefit at a faster velocity by hitting lower keywords earlier.

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Not only that, they’re also clearly the kind of content Google prefers to reward given the organic nature of how people link to you. A passive link asset is one that generates links simply through ranking. Often times, these are low search, high link intent terms such as statistics, trends, or other queries where someone is looking for one credible reference point to pull out for their article.

I disdain keywordless linkbait. We still do it, but when we do, we’re almost always doing it with low cost, high reward pieces that are done with strong confidence in success. The best, most powerful content in the world is keyword-driven linkbait. No, you probably can’t generate viral content from most search-driven pieces, but the value from those pieces will almost always be higher.

Once you’re all tooled out, you’ll need outreach templates. From there, you’ll really only need two templates to get started—one for cold suggestions and one for broken link building. For any sites without an existing page your content fits into, the cold outreach template is best. If you’re new to outreach and the above recommendations don’t ring a bell, watch our video on improving your outreach using the A.I.D.A.

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Google got called out for this. It seems like it’s been toned down slightly, but the effect is still there. People click more recent posts more often. As they should. This in turn enables more recent posts to benefit from engagement, hypothetically helping them rank higher. Turnover-heavy SERPs are littered with fresh posts.

However, this doesn’t mean there’s a dichotomy between manipulation and really old posts. You can update your timestamp, tell users they didn’t come out yesterday, and not be a complete liar. Enter this example from Brian Dean. Brian keeps a lot of his posts updated, but he doesn’t fake that the posts came out last week.

This way, if you see a post published last week and it mentions something from 2014, you won’t be jarred. You won’t auto-bounce-back to Google and never trust that site again. You’ll see the difference, and not hate Brian—as long as he actually updates his content. Adding Last Updated to your site is easy.

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Maybe even 250,000+ monthly growth. Sustainably. This is not easy. It was easy writing the title of this post. It was much, much harder grinding out the process over the 10+ years Siege has been in business. But that’s not to say it doesn’t work. Hell yes it works. But it’s tough.

And it’s a process of dedication and execution. You need talented people in many locations, as well as strategic oversight to glue it all together. And do it again. And again. And again. As should be no surprise, that’s what this kind of growth requires. But it’s possible. In my opinion, the strategy itself is not that complicated.

In addition, I’ve also put together a free checklist below that’ll give you a rubric for executing this process right every single time. Finally, our Siege, Learn course dives into this process even more in-depth, with 40+ lessons and 20+ videos. If you find this process is a bit too complex and hard-to-implement for your liking, check out our content marketing services to have it done for you.

7 Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic For Free

So you’ve got your site all set up, but you are unsure how to drive traffic to your website? Don’t worry, you are not alone. With so much written about improving traffic, it’s hard to separate what will and won’t work for you. This article does not list every single method of increasing traffic.

It can be literally anything. From what is a meme, to where the best place to live is to why were cornflakes invented: Examples of questions people search on Google The point is: Google and alternative search engines exist to primarily give people answers to questions. If you can answer questions with content on your website, Google will send traffic to your site.

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Understanding your audience helps. So does using keyword research tools. (There will be more on how to actually find these questions you should be answering in the keyword research section of this guide later on). But one of the simplest ways to find questions to answer is to Google it.

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It will also: Provide lasting (and compounding) value. Help to educate new customers/clients/readers. Help to build your authority. It may help to attract links. If you want an example of evergreen content, this is something we actually do at Kinsta in our Knowledge Base. Just check out this common technical questions content: An example of evergreen content (common tech questions) by Kinsta These are questions that people are always going to be asking (just make sure that information is up to date).